Office furniture – space planning

Tamperproof Space Saving Dry Wipe Noticeboards
Tamperproof Space Saving Dry Wipe Noticeboards

When you are planning to design an office, you need to measure the space so you know exactly what size of office furniture you are able to buy.

Try and keep a note of each item that you know is essential for you to help you run your business, even if this is something simple like a filing cabinet. You need to allow for the space in your home office.

It is especially important to measure out the size of the office desk that you may need – an office desk often dictates how organised a person can be at any one time throughout the day.  The larger the work space on the office desk, the better you can space out your work and the more storage inside your office desk is available for storing items such as calculators and pens.

Your office chair is also an essential item which will go a long way in enabling you to work efficiently for longer periods of time without being uncomfortable and lacking in concentration.  Your office chair must be comfortable and at the right height to obtain the best working conditions e.g. it should allow you to sit with your eyes on a level with the computer screen.

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