People’s personalities change in the office

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Computer Desks and Home Office Computer Desks

In the office there appears to be a different kind of irrationality that people show when they come under pressure. Some of the following often happens in large office situations where people’s ‘work’ characters dictate how they deal with situations:

1)    Often it was nobody’s fault when there is an enquiry into an issue because often there are few people who consider they are wrong at the office. The higher your position the less ‘wrong’ you feel you are too, even if you are wrong.
2)    Often the CEO or managing director is a figure who people are either scared of or don’t like – their office furniture is always better than anyone else’s.
3)    There is normally always a huge divide both mentally and physically between a company’s sales team and every other department, a huge physical divide is often erected between the office furniture in the sales office and any other team’s department.
4)    You see IT workers less than you see other workers in the office because IT people like to sit at their office desks in dark corners very quietly with their keyboards.
5)    Nearly always will there be an office affair and it is commonplace to see two loved up workers placing brooding stares at each other from across the filing cabinets.

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Author: John