Three things to help your office stress levels

Stress @ the office
Stress @ the office

1 The Stress Relief Ball
You probably have seen these. They are small, hand sized balls that are soft enough to smash, but hard enough to use a bit of force with. Once you squeeze them and let them go, they bounce back to their normal size.  It can help you by allowing you to direct your nervous energy, your anger, your frustration, or your stress into that little ball. That way, your body has an outlet for it. You feel better by just squeezing it.

2 Running Water
The sound of running water has become something that we all think of as peaceful and just hearing it will trigger emotions to help you to relax. Try a tabletop fountain they offer a bit of tranquility to any office or home or listen to a cd of water music.

3 Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is a great stress relief product that you can use. These candles and other elements work by emitting smells that can help you to relax. They are developed with the thought of how we all react to smells. It can help you to find a bit of calmness. They too are inexpensive and they add a bit of décor to your office as well.

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