Making positive changes to your working day

Battery Recycling Bin 'Be Positive'
Battery Recycling Bin ‘Be Positive’

We all reach stages in our working lives where we need to start evaluating the situation we are in if we are extremely dissatisfied at work.

We come to expect that most jobs have their good and bad days and even a person who is very happy with their work will have the odd bad day. However, the time to really start assessing your situation is when everything starts to get on top of you even simple things like the filing cabinet which has always been there is starting to annoy you because it blocks your vision as you are sat at your office desk. It is likely there is a much bigger issue than this with your job but as always seems to happen everything starts to get on top of you.

In the current economic climate it is harder to find another job and there are many people who have been forced into working harder for less money.
It is better not to be hasty but take some time to evaluate the situation at work properly.

If you find that you are not sleeping at night and dreading waking up in the morning to another eight hours sat in your office chair at work, it’s not looking good.
Sometimes it can help to change a few things in your work routine to make the daily grind more bearable.

During warmer months perhaps you could consider taking a bicycle to work; exercise boosts your positivity, energy levels and also your productivity.  If you have been sat in the dark at your office desk for ages without natural daylight then start looking at how you could move your office desk into a lighter position near a window in the office.

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