Take co-workers into consideration

Respect your co-workers
Respect your co-workers

In accordance with how the office furniture is laid out in the workplace, this can dictate how the staff will interact with each other and what their expectations of their fellow co-workers are.

There is likely to be more personal interaction within a smaller office of people who share office desks close to one another and in these situations it is often the culture to offer your fellow co-workers a drink if you get up to make yourself one.

In an open plan office where office furniture is spaced out, the office needs to be kept tidy due to sometimes unsaid office rules that are adhered to in order to take your co-workers into consideration.

If you are operating in a tidy open plan offers don’t let your co-workers down by being untidy and furthermore keeping your own workstation in order means keeping yourself more organised in your work.  Therefore, don’t have papers spilling off the top of your office desk into the pathway of your work colleagues.

Open plan offices often suffer with noise, particularly when people are talking or on the phone so be aware that the sound levels need to be kept at a minimum in order to take your colleagues into account when they are trying to concentrate.

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