The daunting aspects of being a new starter

Hello my name is
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Being a new starter in any office or workplace is always daunting but often the people who are greeting the new starter also have it tough because they have the responsibility of ensuring you know what you are doing and where everything is.

A new arrival to the workplace may have concerns that the day they turn up no-one will speak to them and they will be ignored, sat in their office chair wondering why they decided to take the job.  Often it can look like everyone in the office has bonded and knows where everything is and what they are doing and perhaps have their own office in-jokes.

The theory that everyone will ignore the new starter nearly always turns out not to be the case.

Offices in particular, welcome fresh blood. They love it. It is something new and different and they are probably so fed up of each other, having someone else to talk to and learn about is interesting so it is likely that you will attract your new colleagues over to your office desk to introduce themselves and find out about you.

A new recruit will often be quiet and smile keeping their own council at their office desk knowing that it will be a few more weeks before their fellow co-workers really see their true character.

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