The office breeds irrational behaviour

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Every day at work people are tested by being around others that they may not normally be around.  Some personalities just do not gel with others but at work it is often the case that you have to grit your teeth and get on with it. Work situations may also push your limits of stress and patience to the maximum as you endure certain things that you would not be enduring in a home situation.

It is probably because of these factors that so much irrationality can be displayed by the behaviour of some in the workplace.

  1. No one owning up to lost data or broken office furniture or infect anything that has gone wrong in the office ever.
  2. The sales team’s section is divided heartily by rows of tall office furniture such as filing cabinets – they think they are very important and should have their own private space.
  3. Watching a salesman and e.g. a computer wizard trying to communicate with each other is an extremely painful sight.
  4. I.T. people are very quiet and sometimes shy, you will never see them; they hide in dark corners of the office and are often found alone hung over their office desk hugging the computer screen.


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Author: John