Celebrating at the office

Office Party

An office party is a good reason to let your hair down and there could be many reasons for one to happen. Not least a board director’s retirement party, the winning of a new contract, even raising money for charity; these are all often reasons to hold an office party (no matter how large or small) on the premises.

It is often the employees who will prepare the office for this sort of occasion and they will be the ones to decorate the office, organise the food and move the office furniture around to accommodate the party.

If your party is to have a buffet then stack the office chairs to the side of the office along with office desks to clear a central space for the table.

Using plain office desks, which are easy to move, place them in a line in the centre and cover the table in decorations or table clothes – for a large buffet use attractive sofa throws over the top of the office desks to give them good coverage.

If there is a screen showing then keep the centre of the office clear of the normal office furniture and arrange simple office chairs into an arch around the screen so everyone can see.

Check the sturdiness of any office furniture items you choose to balance on whilst you put up any streamers and banners.

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Author: John