It may be wise to cover up to get ahead, a new study shows

Whiteboard tape
Whiteboard tape

Elisabeth Squires, author of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls  says women have stopped power dressing in favour of lower cut tops and shorter skirts, however too much cleavage on show in the workplace hampers their chances of promotion.

“Unless your career success rests on your chest it is probably wiser to rely on your other assets at the office,” said Squires. “If cleavage isn’t in your job description, don’t write it in.”

She warns that if too much cleavage is on show will cause employees to be seen as sexual rather than professional. The author warns “Showing a lot of breast is going to be a distraction, especially in the workplace”.

A study commissioned by Squires found that displaying too much flesh in the office can be distracting and damage a woman’s career.

Men who took part in the study where shown photographs of women in a generic workplace in various outfits and with different bra sizes.

When asked which of the women looked the most professional and personable, most men picked out women who were discreetly dressed and women with medium-sized breasts.

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