Work distractions – co-workers


If you work in a large office or in fact any office with a team of co-workers then it is likely that there will be many distractions that occur during the course of a normal working day.  Sometimes these distractions can be welcome because you may need a break; however, if these are ongoing distractions that have started to affect your concentration then it is a huge problem.

A few suggestions on avoiding distractions

There are some co-workers who appear to do very little other than move from office desk to office desk talking with fellow colleagues.  If you feel that yours in the next office desk that your boisterous colleague is about to visit then you need to have an opening line to get rid of them quickly. Be polite but firm and continue to keep your head down to your office desk so they get the message that you are far too busy at that time to entertain their conversations.

You know that it is down to how productive you are for the firm as to whether you will stay in employment, so as much as you’d like to chat, sometimes you need to set aside the time to actually get deadlines completed.

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Author: John