Planning your storage in a modern office

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Planning your storage in a modern office

We’re all often encouraged to use online methods instead of paper for both environmental reasons and for convenience. Many of us already use paperless billing and do banking and other tasks online, so it may surprise you to know that the UK still uses 12.5 million tons of paper every year. In fact, many businesses are required to have paper copies of certain documents, and to keep those documents for a set period of time.

This means that offices all over the UK still require storage solutions to maintain and organise both their paperwork and numerous pieces of office equipment, stationary and other supplies. But in a stylish, contemporary office, a great deal of emphasis is placed on minimalistic living, and to having less clutter on show. So how do you reconcile the amount of office clutter you need to store without spoiling your modern, inviting office space?

  • Keep personal storage and office storage separate: Whether considering a home office or commercial office, the same rules apply. It’s easy to blur the lines of home life with work life, especially when so much is expected of us. Office workers may find themselves carting their lunch, gym kits, electronic devices and more to work on a daily basis. If personal storage is taken care of, perhaps in the form of a locker, it doesn’t mean that personal belongings end up cluttering a work space.
  • Organising storage: There’s no point in putting a filing cabinet marked ‘finance’ in the marketing department. The storage that is used must be well thought out. If the right employees have quick access to the right storage, it makes everyone’s jobs much easier. You can find some really useful and practical filing cabinets here.
  • Desk storage: It’s inevitable that each office worker will have certain supplies that they use on a daily basis, like pens, paper, stapler and hole puncher. With this in mind, providing a desk without any storage would mean that either the desk is full of unnecessary clutter or the worker has to use storage away from the desk. Keeping these simple things in mind can make all the difference to productivity. Take a look at some desks that come with storage options, including this one.
  • Meeting room storage: In meeting or training rooms there may be a need for larger storage options. You may have large pieces of equipment, like a projector screen, projector or drawing board. You may also need a space to make teas and coffees to offer visitors or have quick access to paper for note taking. Luckily, there many choices for large storage cupboards that also follow modern design. Here are a few examples of what could take pride of place in your office.

Office storage solutions for the modern workplace

It’s easy to get preoccupied by work and deadlines. The result can be a cluttered and messy office that creates poor working conditions and a lackadaisical attitude. If you’ve got a modern office but find yourself surrounded by mess, it may be time for a clear out. Work on reducing the clutter, clearing out the things you don’t need, and finding a home for all the items you use on a daily basis. A clean space will often result in a clean mind.

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