How to furnish and set up your preschool classroom

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How to furnish and set up your preschool classroom

A preschool classroom is the setting for the foundation of little minds. It’s one of the starting blocks that helps to build what each child will eventually become. With this in mind, the classroom has to offer different spaces where children can be inspired to develop their skills. There are so many pieces of educational furniture that make a preschool classroom interesting and vibrant enough to capture the attention of young children. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to set up a new classroom or refresh an old one, take a look below.

  • Have a designated seating area: Story time can be the highlight of the nursery session for many of the children and when there’s a designated seating area, it’s much easier to gather the children quickly. Many teachers also use this area when children first come in to take the register and put the children into different play groups. Although a seating rug works well, having actual seats in a semi-circle is more comfortable for everyone and creates less chaos. You can find a great selection here, along with soft seats and seating cushions.
  • How much storage will you need?: Children of preschool age will learn and play in many different ways. There will be toys, books, costumes, crafts and much more that will need a home. You’ll need everything from bookcases to tables with integrated draws. It’s a good idea to get the children involved in tidying up before the end of the session. If each area of the room has a name or is colour coded it will be easier for the children to understand their responsibilities. Make things fun for them by providing bright and colourful storage or litter bins, like these.
  • Set up a quiet area: There are some children that just aren’t used to the noise and chaos of a nursery classroom. They may need ten minutes away from their peers to gather their thoughts and enjoy some quiet time. Set up a desk in a small space where a few books and toys are available. Because this area is meant for calm, stay away from the bright colours. Choose soft furnishings, warm colours and things that can entertain a single child rather than group activities.
  • Role play offers huge benefits: Role play or dramatic play as it’s often called in schools, is something that offers children an opportunity to develop vital skills. You may notice children becoming more confident in abstract thinking, maths, social interaction and literacy. Each child will choose a role to play, like shop owner, customer, cook, cleaner and so on. Because so many children enjoy these activities, it’s great to have a big open space where they can play together. This space often needs a lot of storage options and furnishings that inspire them to be creative in their roles. You can find some great items here.

The ideal preschool classroom is one big open space with lots of little sections where young children can explore what they’re good at and what they need help with. The vast amount of educational furniture available has teachers spoilt for choice and with Office Furniture Online you’ll benefit from free next day delivery.

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